High praise from Voix Étouffées attendee

Ladies Musical Club’s performers Johanna Mastenbrook, Adrianna Hulscher, Malya Muth and Katie Hochman gave a great concert at Haller Lake Music Series on May 27 – so great that one attendee sent in an extra $100 donation because he was so moved and got so much more than what he had paid for. Who is this mystery man? None other than Opera Plus’s Norm Hollingshead (who gives excellent pre-opera previews in public libraries), who wrote: “The whole concert knocked me out. The works selected to be performed were wonderful and every performer was at the top of her game. I practically levitated when those two charming sopranos sang the 4 Weill songs at the end of the show. I will surely return for future concerts.”

Well, I hope all you readers will come to many of these concerts too! Haller Lake Music Series is getting noticed – witness Sean MacLean’s Northwest Focus Live KING FM radio program (archived at https://soundcloud.com/user-70149162/sets/bach-in-the-subways-founder) and Seattle Times’ reporter Tom Keogh’s feature article on May 26, 2016: http://www.seattletimes.com/entertainment/classical-music/concert-restores-to-their-rightful-place-composers-persecuted-by-the-nazis/

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