Piano music of Liszt coming Oct. 1 to HLMS

Haller Lake Music Series’ opening concert features GraceAnn Cummings of Inside the Music performing solo piano music of Franz Liszt.

Ms. Cummings has had the privilege of being promoted by a number of people as she has traveled to other parts of our country to share her Inside the Music concerts. On October 1, 2016 Ms. Cummings will be back in Seattle presenting her theatrical version of Liszt, replete with masks, and costume!

From GraceAnn Cummings of Inside the Music: “Who Says Love isn’t dangerous?”

“Yes, I realize that the juxtaposition of love and danger is an odd association. However, when you deal with Liszt, you deal with the dark side of human consciousness.
Liszt dove into the world of fear, sin, trauma, hopelessness, and insanity. Liszt approached these areas of our human nature with curiosity and the desire to understand. Over his lifetime he researched this darkness both personally and academically. From his research he then composed music that can not only wrench our hearts, but also give us a profound understanding of the darkness. Having studied his music for the last 30 years, I would say that Liszt is a composer who has taught me how to disempower darkness without making it my enemy. The real danger associated with love is that it’s possible to not be able to recognize it. How did Liszt figure this out?”

Please come listen and discover this secret for yourself at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, October 1, 2016, at Haller Lake United Methodist Church.

For more information about this artist, please see:


GraceAnn Cummings, pianist, artist
Inside the Music
multi-media presentations of classical music

For even more info on Franz Liszt, please see Steinway & Sons’ article at: http://www.steinway.com/artists/franz-liszt?utm_source=september2016newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_content=original_rock_star_read_more&utm_campaign=brandnewsletter

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