Friday, July 7, 2017, at 7:30 p.m.

The Northwest Kodály Educators in association with the Kodály Levels of Seattle and Haller Lake Music Series presents a Commemorative Concert marking the 135th Anniversary of Zoltán Kodály’s birth and the 50th Anniversary of his death, with a piano recital given by Gilbert de Greeve.

Belgian pianist Gilbert De Greeve, Director Emeritus of the State Music Academy of Antwerp and Professor Emeritus of the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, presents works of Zoltán Kodály, Franz Schubert and Robert Schumann. Piano works will include Méditation sur un motif de Claude Debussy, Seven Pieces Opus 11 and Marosszéki Táncok by Zoltán Kodály; Impromptu Opus 90 no. 1, Impromptu Opus 90 no. 3 and Impromptu Opus 142 no. 3 by Franz Schubert and the Scenes from Childhood Opus 15 by Robert Schumann.

Proceeds benefit the Northwest Kodály Educators Scholarship Fund.

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