Saturday, April 22, 2017, at 7:30 p.m.

Pianist Valentina Rodov

image1Valentina Rodov performs an all-Chopin concert. On the program:

Polonaise in E-flat minor, op.26, no.2
Mazurka in B-minor, op.33, no.4
Ballade no.3 in A-flat major, op.47
Ballade no.4 in F-minor, op.52
Nocturne in F-sharp major, op.15, no.2
Nocturne in C-sharp minor, op.27, no.1
Nocturne in D-flat major, op.27, no.2
Sonata no.2 in B-flat minor (“Funeral March”), op. 35

Valentina Rodov was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, and received her music education as a concert pianist from the famous Moscow Conservatory. She performed solo and in chamber groups prior to emigrating to the United States.Once in the USA Valentina decided to become a lawyer, which she successfully accomplished upon graduating from law school in Los Angeles and passing the California Bar. Valentina practiced law as a business litigator in Southern California for over twenty years until she and her husband moved to Seattle. With great support and encouragement from the Seattle music community, Valentina came back to piano playing, and soon became a  frequent and critically acclaimed recitalist and chamber music performer at various venues in the Seattle area. In 2015 Valentina was invited to perform an inaugural Mozart, Schubert and Chopin recital at the newly opened Steinway Gallery in Seattle and recorded an all-Chopin CD.
“The volcanic simmer of Valentina,…her unique and commanding voicing…No one makes a piano sing the way she does…” – Frances Walton, conductor and founder of Thalia Symphony           Orchestra and Philharmonia Northwest